Make a Report

File a SpeakUp Report with the Office of Institutional Equity

To report a concern of potential discriminatory harassment, sexual harassment, assault, misconduct, dating or domestic violence, or stalking, please file an online SpeakUp report.

Contact the ND Integrity Line

If talking with your supervisor or other administrator is not an option in dealing with a workplace concern, the ND Integrity Line is a toll-free phone number you can call to discuss your concerns about questionable or unethical behavior.

The ND Integrity Line is available at any time of the day or night. No call-tracing or recording devices are used. If you wish, you may remain completely anonymous.

Contact the Office of Institutional Equity

For questions regarding potential sexual or discriminatory harassment or retaliation based on a complaint of sexual or discriminatory harassment, please call the Office of Institutional Equity at 574-631-0444 or email