About Us

Our Mission

About Us

The Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) is committed to promoting an equitable educational and work environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation in accordance with Title VII of The Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, other applicable federal and state laws, and University policy.

The Office of Institutional Equity also strives to foster an inclusive campus environment that embraces the talents and achievements of all individuals regardless of race, color, national origin, ethnicity, religion, gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, veteran status, age, or genetic information.

To fulfill our mission, the Office of Institutional Equity provides:

  • Oversight of and support for the University’s efforts to comply with all applicable federal and state civil rights laws and Notre Dame’s policies prohibiting discrimination, harassment, and retaliation;
  • Consultation, training, and resources to the University community regarding equal opportunity, affirmative action, diversity, and preventing discrimination, harassment, and retaliation; and
  • A mechanism for responding to complaints of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.