Case Analysis Process: Formal Investigation 

The Office of Institutional Equity's formal investigation process includes the following:

  1. In-take meeting to determine if the matter is one to be formally reviewed. If the matter is one which should be formally reviewed, the office moves to step two.
  2. Formal investigation
    • Investigator interviews the complainant
    • Investigator interviews the respondent
    • Investigator interviews relevant witnesses (no character witness interviews)
  3. The investigator then meets with the Director of OIE, Director of HR Consulting and the HRC from the department where the investigation has occurred. This group discusses the investigative report, and the Director of OIE, in consultation with the Director of HR Consulting, makes a determination regarding whether or not there is a policy violation. The group then determines any applicable sanctions.
  4. The Director of OIE, or her designee, then notifies the department, complainant and respondent of the outcome of the review.
  5. Each party involved has the opportunity to appeal the decision to the Vice President for Human Resources in writing within 10 days of receiving notification of the outcome. 

OIE Investigation Process Chart (141 KB)

Case Analysis Process: Informal Investigation 

If there is a determination the matter does not fall under the purview of the Office of Institutional Equity, the matter will be forwarded to the designated HRC for the department.

In cases where parties believe the matter can be resolved informally, the Office of Institutional Equity will provide resources related to "Facilitated Discussions" to find an agreed upon resolution for all parties involved. For further information related to this process, please contact the Office of Institutional Equity at 574-631-0444.