Where to Turn for Help

Office of Institutional Equity
If you are unsure of where to turn for help, or if you have any questions, please contact the Office of Institutional Equity:
Karrah Miller Director and Title IX Coordinator, Office of Institutional Equity

631-0444 or equity@nd.edu

Monique Frazier Program Manager, Office of Institutional Equity 631-0444 or equity@nd.edu

Complaints Pertaining to Faculty Misconduct

Complaints pertaining to faculty misconduct should be directed to one of the following representatives of the Office of the Provost - Faculty Affairs:
Maura Ryan Vice President and Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs 631-2799 or Maura.A.Ryan.61@nd.edu
Todd Dvorak Faculty Affairs Specialist  631-9927 or tdvorak2@nd.edu
Complaints Pertaining to Staff Misconduct
Complaints pertaining to staff misconduct should be directed to any one of the Human Resources Consultants (HRCs) in the Office of Human Resources:
Mark Kocovski Director, HR Consulting 631-0443 or mark.kocovski.1@nd.edu
Sharon Hawkins Sr. HR Consultant 631-4236 or sharon.v.hawkins.12@nd.edu
Bernard Akatu HR Consultant 631-2280 or akatu.1@nd.edu
Sandra Garcia HR Consultant 631-3007 or  sgarcia3@nd.edu
Ten Gray HR Consultant 631-0288 or  tgray1@nd.edu
Kara Palmer HR Consultant 631-1701 or Kara.J.Palmer.50@nd.edu
Laura Picking HR Consultant 631-1396 or  laura.picking@nd.edu
Lori Maurer HR Consultant 631-4667 or  lmaurer@nd.edu
Lisa Yates HR Consultant 631-2026 or  yates.14@nd.edu
Title IX Complaints Pertaining to Student Misconduct
Complaints pertaining to instances of student-on-student sexual harassment (including sexual misconduct and sexual assault) should be directed to the following representative from Notre Dame's Division of Student Affairs:
Heather Ryan Deputy Title IX Coordinator  631-7728 or


Other Complaints Pertaining to Student Misconduct
Complaints pertaining to student misconduct other than student-on-student sexual harassment should be directed to the Office of Community Standards, within the Division of Student Affairs:

Office of Community Standards
306 Main Building, Notre Dame, IN 46556

631-5551 or ocs@nd.edu
Harassment Ombudspersons
Ombudspersons are members of the Notre Dame faculty or staff appointed by the President to provide information and assistance regarding sexual or discriminatory harassment to the entire University community.
Anita Kelly Sexual Harassment Ombudsperson 631-3030 or Anita.E.Kelly.79@nd.edu
Dwight King Discriminatory Harassment Ombudsperson 631-3909 or Dwight.B.King.1@nd.edu
Integrity Line
The Notre Dame Integrity Line is a 24-hour, toll-free service that receives tips or complaints about any situation that compromises Notre Dame's values, reputation, or integrity. Users may remain anonymous.


Integrity Line Website