Note: this page contains only an excerpt or summary of University policy. For more information, please see the complete Policy on Sexual and Discriminatory Harassment (PDF).

The investigation may involve interviews and/or written statements from the complainant, the alleged offender, and any witnesses as well as a review of pertinent documents. In the course of the investigation, the alleged offender will be informed of the allegation(s), and the facts surrounding the allegation(s), and will be afforded a full opportunity to respond to the allegation(s).

All investigations will be thorough and prompt. The University aims to complete all investigations within 60 calendar days of the initial report. However, there may be some investigations that cannot be completed within 60 calendar days. In such cases, the University will communicate to the complainant that the investigation is going to take longer than 60 calendar days and in doing so will indicate when the University believes it will complete the investigation.

The finding about whether or not there is a violation of this policy will be communicated to the complainant and the alleged offender. However, any sanction imposed will not be communicated with the complainant.

The University will take the appropriate action to stop any offensive behavior. This action may include counseling, education, a verbal or written reprimand, or other disciplinary action, up to and including termination (in the case of faculty or staff) or permanent dismissal (in the case of students).

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