Note: these pages contain only excerpts or summaries of University policy. For more information, please see the complete Policy on Sexual and Discriminatory Harassment (PDF).

Faculty, Staff, and Students

The University’s Policy on Sexual and Discriminatory Harassment applies to all faculty, staff, and students.

Student-on-Student Misconduct

Additional policies and procedures govern certain student-on-student misconduct:

  • The policy and procedures governing student-on-student sexual harassment, including sexual assault, outside of a University employment setting, are set forth in the Sexual Harassment Policy and Grievance Procedures and the Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Assault Policy in the du Lac student handbook.
  • Complaints pertaining to student-on-student discriminatory harassment should be directed to the Office of Community Standards within the Division of Student Affairs. In situations involving student-on-student sexual or discriminatory harassment, please follow the specific policy and procedures in du Lac, working with the Division of Student Affairs as necessary.

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