One Is Too Many

Students campaign to shift attitudes about sexual violence

The "One Is Too Many" campaign is a student engagement and conversation campaign that aims to end sexual violence on campus.  

A student driven initiative, the "One Is Too Many" campaign has two goals: individual awareness and culture shift. Students aim to bring the topic of sexual violence into mainstream consciousness and conversation and to develop an attitudinal shift that leads to a culture that understands sexual violence and actively works to prevent it.  

As members of the Notre Dame family, students pledge to stand up to prevent instances of sexual violence, to speak out against language that trivializes sexual violence, and to support survivors in the process of healing.  

“One is Too Many” is a commitment from each of us. It is an obligation to be our brothers' and sisters' keepers.  It is a recognition that even one instance of sexual violence is one too many.

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If you are interested in being involved with the "One Is Too Many" campaign, please email Student Government at